How to Make Water Kefir Soda

Water Kefir | Small Town Living in Nevada

Sparkling Apple Water Kefir

I love carbonation. It is a weakness of mine. I would rather drink Club Soda or Sparkling Water over regular water any day. I think I actually crave the carbonation if that even makes sense.

And because of that I LOVE Water Kefir! It is a wonderful fermented probiotic drink that not only do I really enjoy but my entire family really enjoys drinking as well. And it is naturally carbonated so I don’t feel guilty drinking it!

We flavor our Water Kefir with a variety of different juices from Grape Juice to Pineapple to even Apple juice. We basically drink it as a healthy alternative to soda, especially since I don’t allowed my kids to drink soda.

My husband is the person behind the Water Kefir. If it weren’t for his dedication we probably wouldn’t have the abundance of it in my home like we do. For that we are truly grateful for all his hard work he puts into it.

Water Kefir is….

  • Dairy free
  • Can be made from sugar water, fruit juice or even coconut milk
  • Easy to flavor in unlimited ways

In order to get started you need to use water that is free of chlorine and fluoride because both can kill your Kefir grains.

We prefer to use bottled water, but you can also use filtered water, well water, or even coconut water.

Next you need sugar. There are many choices of sugar to nourish the kefir grains. My husband though uses Brown Sugar and Molasses.

Making water kefir is not an exact science but everyone has a different method and timing that they prefer. It is definitely okay to experiment. When coming in contact with the grains, it is best to use glass, plastic or wooden tools and utensils because some metals can hinder your grains.

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