Finally planted the garden

I am tired and dirty, but my garden is finally in. I have some bare spots, but hoping the cantaloupe, pumpkins and watermelon will fill in the gaps.


I planted seeds back at the beginning of April and kept them happy in the greenhouse. The seedlings were getting way too large for their containers and decided this weekend was a good day to finally plant them in the ground.


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Gluten Free Shrimp & Vegetable Stir Fry

Shrimp & Vegetable Stir Fry | Small Town Living in Nevada

I love shrimp and I love stir fries, so why not combine the two in a recipe that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

I normally raid the fridge to see what I can throw in my stir fry since they are so versatile and you can pretty much use whatever veggie you have on hand. In this case I picked the last of the fresh beans from my garden and used up some organic carrots from the fridge.

While I was stir frying I made white rice since it only takes 25 minutes. If you want brown rice, the rice will take longer to cook than this stir fry recipe and you’ll have to start the rice at least 30 minutes before you start the actual stir fry. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed with the wonderful flavors of this dish.

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Veggie Beef Cheeseburger

Veggie Beef Cheeseburger

I am one of those moms that want my family to have veggies with every dinner regardless of what we are eating. The other night the kids wanted hamburgers for dinner. Most times the only veggie they would get with a hamburger would be a piece of lettuce, however, I wanted them to eat more than that, so I pulled out the bag of frozen veggies. I chopped the veggies up in the food processor then added them to the hamburger meat. Definitely not your typical burger, but it was quite tasty, in my opinion, and the kids ate every bite up, too. AND it didn’t hurt that I made tater tots as our side so the family was all round happy!

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Tempura Fish and Veggies

Originally written on July 5, 2014

AGH! My 3 year old turned the Garage Refrigerator to 0 without my knowledge until this morning. All the frozen fish in the freezer was thawed and the 15 lb pork shoulder was sitting in the fridge now needs to be cooked. I am now wishing I didn’t wait so long to chop the pork up into 3 lb bags for the deep freezer… but unfortunately we are now cooking the pork on the Traeger Grill.

Smoking it first and then slow cooking it. So the pork will be cooked in 12 hrs. And for the fish — I decided to make a tempura batter and fried it and some veggies up.


Tempura Fish and Veggies

Tempura Batter:
1/4 cup Corn or Potato Starch
1/4 Cup Glutinous Rice Flour
1/2 Cup Rice Flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg
1 cup iced water

mix all together.

Unagi Sauce
1/4 cup Gluten Free Soy Sauce
1 cup brown sugar
1 Cup Marin or Marsala Wine

place all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil… continuously stirring so as to not burn. Let cool and place in container and place in refrigerator.