Turkey Tenderloins in a sweetened sage mushroom sauce

Turkey Tenderloins in a sweetened sage mushroom sauce

I am trying to me mindful and use what I already have in the freezer. I am literally getting bored of food at the moment. Or maybe I am just too tired to cook. Let’s see – I volunteer at my kid’s school twice a week. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and we do something with the Troop at least once a week. I do PTO once a month. And then the rest of the time I am playing catch up with dishes or laundry or both at the same time all the while refereeing my children and trying to keep my sanity.

And on top of everything I have to have dinner ready for when my husband gets home from work so so we can sit down and eat as a family  – well not immediately. But at least with in 20 minutes of him getting home. We usually eat anywhere between 6:30 or 7 every night.

Nevertheless, I scoured the cupboards and grabbed a can of Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom soup and a can of Condensed Milk and said — I can definitely make a gravy with these two ingredients and the rest is sweet history. Think of a sweet sage sauce taken up a notch.

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