Sweet Potato Noodles with a Sweet Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Sweet Potatoes with a Sweet Sage Brown Butter Sauce | Small Town Living in Nevada

All I had ever used my spiralizer for was to make zucchini noodles, so I finally branched out and tried it with sweet potatoes and so happy I did. I went to the market and purchased 3 large sweet potatoes to make my noodles.

Well the potatoes are WAY more firm than a zucchini and I was so glad I had my spiralizer otherwise I don’t know how the heck I would had made the noodles.

You are going to peel your sweet potatoes before you spiralize them. Next you will most likely need to cut them down to size in order for them to fit in the spiralizer then spiral away!

Now what to make with the sweet potato noodles?  Yeah a Sweet Sage Brown Butter Sauce was a no brainer!

You have to saute the sweet potatoes a little longer than you would zucchini noodles since the sweet potatoes are firmer,  however the flavors in this dish from the brown butter, fresh sage, sauteed onions, cheese  and the pecans are just amazing!

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Gluten Free Sweet Corn Muffins

Gluten Free Sweet Corn Muffin | Small Town Living in NevadaI don’t normally like corn muffins cause they tend to be quite on the dry side, but I have to say, my sweet corn muffins came out quite soft and moist. They were absolutely delicious! So, if you enjoy a sweet and moist corn bread, than you will really enjoy these muffins!

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Turkey Tenderloins in a sweetened sage mushroom sauce

Turkey Tenderloins in a sweetened sage mushroom sauce

I am trying to me mindful and use what I already have in the freezer. I am literally getting bored of food at the moment. Or maybe I am just too tired to cook. Let’s see – I volunteer at my kid’s school twice a week. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and we do something with the Troop at least once a week. I do PTO once a month. And then the rest of the time I am playing catch up with dishes or laundry or both at the same time all the while refereeing my children and trying to keep my sanity.

And on top of everything I have to have dinner ready for when my husband gets home from work so so we can sit down and eat as a family  – well not immediately. But at least with in 20 minutes of him getting home. We usually eat anywhere between 6:30 or 7 every night.

Nevertheless, I scoured the cupboards and grabbed a can of Gluten Free Cream of Mushroom soup and a can of Condensed Milk and said — I can definitely make a gravy with these two ingredients and the rest is sweet history. Think of a sweet sage sauce taken up a notch.

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