Our summer…

So I have been lacking in posting the last month or so, because I have been having fun traveling, spending time with my family, nursing a cat back to health and just living life!


At the beginning of June our older cat Baxter caught a baby bunny and when he noticed that I saw him, he released the little baby. We tried to nurse her back to health but I was saddened that I couldn’t have done more for her. The kids instantly named her Cotton — but Cotton couldn’t keep hydrated, unfortunately. It was emotionally hard seeing such a small creature so helpless and in pain. We tried for 4 days administering formula, water, and pedilyte to keep her going, but either she was too young and tiny or just too hurt from the cat that she ended up taking her last breath. The kids and I dug a hole in our flower garden and buried her amongst the blooming flowers. My daughter even painted a rock as a head stone to go on top of the grave. In those 4-½ days that little bunny stole our hearts!

RIP Cotton, I hope your pain is gone & you are hopping around and feeling better tiny little bunny. I’ll see you again at the rainbow bridge!!



Then…. I and I say this in a good way, God has a weird sense of humor. So our lil bunny died and a week later this big domestic bunny ends up in our yard!!

We assumed it was someones in the neighborhood and not wanting it to be harmed, the kids, a neighbor and I catch the rabbit in our backyard and place him in an empty rabbit cage that we have.


The next day Alexandria, Arik and I went door to door looking for the owner of the rabbit. No one claimed they were missing a rabbit. I then was talking to Dave my next door neighbor and he stated that the people who moved in around 6-weeks ago next to him found 2 domesticated rabbits in their garage and basically released the rabbits out in the yard. If this was one of those rabbits, this angers me that this rabbit was abandoned twice!! AND none of this was told to me when I asked said neighbor if they were missing a rabbit. Nevertheless, we ended up keeping this rabbit. And he has been an awesome addition to our family. Tame, beautiful and the kids have fallen in love with him.

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Last Day of School!

So today is my kids Last Day of School and tomorrow will be first day of summer vacation! Three months of freedom until school is back in session…

Last Day of School!

This summer will be BUSY! On Monday we leave for a much needed vacation to Santa Cruz, California. Beach, sand and sun for a few days! I am counting the minutes!

The middle of June I am having a Girl Scout campout in my backyard. I am quite excited and can’t wait!

At the end of June, beginning of July my husband and I will be in Washington D.C. for a conference and staying extra days to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. I hear the fireworks display for the fourth of July is spectacular!

Then you have July. It is just packed to the brim… my daughter will be attending Girl Scout Camp. We’ll be working on our roof. Making all the repairs to it from when we had that massive wind storm back in February. We also have our 6-month dentist appoints squeezed in there as well.

Then towards the end of July the kids and I head down to my parent’s house for 12 days. And a week later the kids are back in school!

Anyhow, in about 2.5 hours summer begins at the Armstrong house and we will be taking it on by storm!!