Gluten Free Sopapillas

Fried Cinnamon Sugar Tortillas

My mom always made my brother and I Sopapillas growing up. Ok Sopapillas is a fancy name for a Deep-Fried Flour Tortilla, Sprinkled with Sugar and Cinnamon. Around Halloween she would carve the tortilla to look like a pumpkin which was really cool.

Nevertheless, now with gluten free tortillas available at the grocery store I no longer need to make these with Corn Tortillas and can actually use a Gluten Free Flour Tortilla. YAY!

It is just so easy and quick — Just fry up the tortilla then sprinkle with a Cinnamon-Sugar mixture and then top with a dollop of whipping cream drizzled with honey!

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Glaze (Dairy Free )

When you want to glaze cookies or donuts this is the best recipe. If you don’t have almond milk you can use regular milk or any milk you would like.

Glaze (Dairy Free )


1 lb powdered sugar
1/2 cup almond milk
Candied Sprinkles (Optional)



Mix together in a medium sized bowl the powdered sugar and almond milk and set aside.

Layer Salad

24 hour salad

Growing up my mother made her 24-hour salad that I always loved. Now I make this salad and my daughter just loves it as well.

But this is the salad that everyone always asks me to make when I am attending a Potluck or Barbecue. Since we were attending my son’s Cub Scout Rank Ceremony’s barbecue, I decided to make this salad as my contribution to the barbecue.

It has layers of lettuce, mayo, parmesan cheese, sugar, water chestnuts, peas, bacon, onions…. Mmmm, I think I need to make another batch for my own enjoyment. It is one of my favorite salads!

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I have always had a jar of Cinnamon-Sugar in my pantry. It is something that I have always had and like to have on hand. My kids like to sprinkle it on their oatmeal as well as on top of waffles. But you can use it for sprinkling on yogurt or even on top of an apple pie or anything your heart desires!

This morning the kids informed me that we were running low and that I needed to make more. So here is my recipe for perfect sweetness with just the right ratio of cinnamon.

Cinnamon-Sugar | Small Town Living in Nevada


1 cup granulated white sugar
1/4 cup cinnamon

Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl, using a fork or small whisk to thoroughly blend the two together. Store in an air-tight container or old spice jar.

Cinnamon-Sugar | Small Town Living in Nevada

I use an old cinnamon container – why try to reinvent the wheel? Might as well repurpose things you already have in your home. I use a funnel to pour my Cinnamon-Sugar blend into the container. It is that simple!!

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies thanksgiving style….

Sugar Cookie with Frosting and Pumpkin Candy

If I’m not making something for the family, I am making something for my kids class parties. I was signed up to bring cookies to my youngest’s preschool class which I am actually fine with making the dessert for class. Than at least I know my kids will be able to participate in the dessert if I am the one making it.

Anyhow, my mother’s friend Sandy had given me a box of Betty Crocker™ Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix back in July and I hadn’t had the chance to try it out yet. But then I thought today would be a good time to crack open the box. It was really simple to mix — I actually got down and dirty and used my hands to knead the dough together. Then I used my Pampered Chef Small Scoop to drop the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet so I would have relatively the same size cookies.

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Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

I just made 48 snowflake Sugar Cookies. I glazed them and the kids put sugar sprinkles on them. I am tired and my feet hurt from standing. But my daughter wanted cookies for her birthday treat at school instead of cupcakes so as a mother I said OK. But these cookies are time consuming, about 2 hours at minimum.

Nevertheless, these cookies are buttery, sweet and very tender depending on the thickness you decide to make them.

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie

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