So much that has gone on since Friday

I have been planning a birthday party for my two sons. Their birthdays are 5 days apart so every year since the youngest has been one, the boys have been having a combo-birthday together. This year they were celebrating 6 years old and 4 years old  birthdays together. I know eventually they will want separate birthdays but for now I like combining the two together.

Unfortunately, we had a storm hit us on Friday – the night before the party. This storm was worse than the one that hit us in December. Weird thing is — our area has never experienced such destruction like this ever from windstorms or rain prior to the December Windstorm.

This time — our Trampoline that takes several adults to lift to move was flung by the 90 mph winds like it was a feather. Our neighbors tree was uprooted and toppled over nearly missing our fence. Our tent trailer’s roof popped open and my father and I were out in the gust for nearly 30 minutes trying to get the roof down and latched. And then another 15+ minutes trying to gather up the chickens and put them in the coop and praying the coop wouldn’t blow over. Then while I was gathering the chickens my father yells, “The Shed!!” I turn around and our shed that the ATV was in blew over and teetered upside down and almost over the fence into our other neighbors yard. And of course, now I have been suffering with massive sinus congestion and a stuffed up nose since being in the wind. And I was just starting to feel better after being sick for 6 weeks with bronchitis.

IMG_0210 IMG_0212

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