DIY PVC 5′ x 5′ Banner Stand

DIY PVC Banner Stand | Small Town Living in Nevada

Instead of buying a pre-made frame or stand, you can make your own banner stand using PVC pipes. It doesn’t really take that long to make and the materials you need are readily available in your local hardware store if not around your house.

Not only did I design my daughter’s Troop Banner, I also made the PVC Banner Stand from PVC lying around in my garage so I really saved my pennies and only had to by the joints to tie all the poles together.

A PVC banner frame is just a basic stand that allows any banner to stand alone. And you can reuse the frame over and over again and if you don’t glue it you can break it down for easier transport.

Since I made a banner that was 4 feet x 2.5 feet I decided I needed to make a 5 foot x 5 foot banner stand to hold it.

DIY PVC 5′ x 5′ Banner Stand

Things you will need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Sharpie Marker
  • 21-feet 1-inch PVC Pipe
  • Hacksaw
  • 6-1″ slip-in T connectors (without threads)
  • 2-1″ slip-in 90º elbow joints (without threads)


Cut 3 5-feet long PVC pipes. Next cut 12 6-inch pipes.

Assemble feet first, followed by attaching the side poles.

To make the foot you will need three T connectors and six 6″PVC pipes. Next plug all 6″ PVC pipes into each T connector like you see in the photograph. Repeat.

Next place a 5-foot PVC Pole into the open middle T connector. Repeat for opposite side.

Top the pole with a slip-in 90º elbow joint on both poles. Connect with a 5-foot PVC Pole.

Reminders: If the PVC banner frame is to be displayed outdoors or in a windy location, make sure to place bricks or other heavy objects at the base of the stand to keep the frame in place.