Well we finally got some snow that decided to stick around… <<sigh>> it has been many years that the snow has been this good here. The ski resorts opened earlier this year and the skiers are quite happy. I on the other hand just love the scenery!

I don’t think the chickens are liking the snow all that much, but they adapt quite nicely once the sun is fully out.


And my dogs just love the snow… LOVE it! My older dog Molly — doesn’t want to come in the house even if it is 17º F outside. Silly dog!!


Anyhow, it looks like the white stuff will be sticking around for Christmas.

Flavored Simple Syrup for snow cones

So my daughter’s birthday party is coming up and we’ll be making snow cones, lots of snow cones for her Frozen themed party. Today I made some simple syrups flavored with Kool Aid for our snow cone flavors. My husband originally bought the packets for me….. and forgot a blue packet… so now I must now remember to go out tomorrow and pick up a blue Kool-Aid packet! So I have one simple syrup bottle just waiting to be flavored!

Simple Syrup Flavored with Kool Aid packets

Simple Syrup Flavored with Kool Aid packets

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