Philadelphia Restaurant & Sandwich Company


The family and I went to the restaurant Philadelphia Restaurant & Sandwich Company in the Gardnerville Ranchos tonight for the first time ever because they serve Gluten Free pasta. I will have to say it was surprisingly good.

I had ordered the kids Gluten Free spaghetti with an Italian Sausage (off the kids menu) – it was soooo much pasta in their bowls that we could had gotten away with just two orders instead of three.

I ordered the Shrimp Scampi and it was like in heaven in my mouth, LOL. It was nice and garlicky like I like it! And then the four of us also shared a Ceasar Salad which was just as wonderful! Being 1/2 Italian and growing up eating homemade italian food all the time made this girl happy — cause Italian festivities are not the same since we had been diagnosed gluten intolerant.

And to make me even more impressed, the owner/chef (Michael Fayer) personally came out to ask us how we liked the gluten free pasta. And then he stayed awhile chatting it up with me — while I reminisced about living in Ocean City, Maryland and visiting PA and he reminiscing about Ocean City as well! Yeah, I like this place.

I definitely think I will be back again – — This was unequivocally an enjoyable change from having to order a hamburger without a bun.

If you are in Northern Nevada and would like to try this place out – it is located at:

1281 Kimmerling Rd Suite 11
Gardnerville, Nevada 89460

Highly recommend trying this place out if you haven’t if you are looking for a GF alternative place to eat at.

There was a Garlic festival at my house….

MojitoSo we had friends over for dinner and a movie – and Frozen Mojitos. I have been nursing my mojito for hours, LOL. It is strong on the Barcardi 151! My husband bought Cocktail Rx Freezer Cocktail mix – Mojito Flavor that comes in a 19.5-Ounce Bucket. Just freeze over night, pour in a glass, add some crushed mint and you have a yummy drink! Except my drink is living on foreverrrrrr……………

For dinner I decided on Shrimp Scampi, bruschetta, Garlic Bread and Crab Cakes with a garlic aoli sauce. So the vampires are staying away tonight!!!

After making more cookies and all the prep work for dinner – I still haven’t finished my drink… I am such a light weight.

AND I have no idea how I made dinner, but everyone Oohed and awed! No, just kidding I didn’t cook tipsy or even drunk, but it was really D-Lish!

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