Mild Curry Seasoning Rub

I wanted a nice salad for dinner last night. Basically I wanted something light and not so heavy for a meal and a salad sounded great for what I wanted. Of course I added shrimp and wanted a nice kick so I made a curry rub to season the shrimp with. Yep, my salad was perfect and the kids said they LOVED it as well!

Curry Shrimp Salad

Anyhow, all you want to do is sprinkle this rub onto shrimp, chicken or pork five minutes before grilling or sauteing to maximize your flavors and then go from there!!

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Steak seasoning


I have been on a kick of making my own rubs lately. I think the reason being is that my husband is so sensitive to MSG and Sodium Nitrates. But many people don’t realize that when they read the ingredients list and see Celery salt or Celery Juice or anything celery for that matter that in HIGH concentrations Celery acts exactly the same as MSG. And that unfortunately is how companies can market their products MSG free.

Anyhow, we learned the hard way and now it is easier to make my own rubs and seasonings than it is to buy packets at the store.

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Homemade Gluten Free Taco Seasoning

My kids LOVE tacos and I am constantly making Fish, Shrimp, Calamari, Ground Beef, Ground Turkey whatever kind of tacos. You name it, they love it!

The other night they wanted tacos and I was out of taco season, but not a problem, I just whipped up a new batch in minutes!

Here is a wonderful homemade Taco Seasoning recipe that will end up replacing those pre-made packets you end up buying.


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