How to make your own deli style Roast Beef

Roasted Beef

My husband loves Roast Beef sandwiches, yet hates not being able to find rare roast beef from the delis around our small town. SO we went to Raley’s and bought a 16 pound top round roast with the cap on –  We paid $3.99/lb, that is half the price than what any deli would sell sliced roast beef for per pound.

He took the Roast and rolled it in twine, then brined it for several days with a salt rub. Then when it was ready — he washed the brine off and put a marinade rub on — a smoky chipotle rub which he left on to marinade for a couple of days….

After his meat was seasoned, he smoked it on the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill and then grilled it to a perfect rare.


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