Gluten Free Ham & Swiss Quiche

Not too long ago I was at the Grocery Outlet and came across a Gluten Free Pie Crust by Silly Zak’s in the frozen section and the first thing that came to mind was Quiche!! So I made 2 Gluten Free Ham & Swiss Quiches and literally had eaten it every day for breakfast since I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

Yeah the crust was that good that I had to go back to the store and buy a few more to keep in the freezer.

Nevertheless… this quiche was nice and fluffy, the crust was sweet and flaky and the egg, ham and swiss were oh so yummy!

Gluten Free Ham & Swiss Cheese Quiche

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Gluten Free Quiche Florentine

Quiche Florentine | Small Town Living in Nevada

I don’t know what it is about Quiche, but it is one of my favorite breakfast or lunch meals. As much as I really like quiche you’d think I’d make it more.

Nevertheless, yesterday I was low on groceries and basically pulled items out of the fridge that needed to be used up and looking at everything I figured a quiche would be a great way to put those items to great use.

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Gluten Free Spinach Quiche

Gluten Free Spinach Quiche | Small Town Living in Nevada

I love quiche and would always buy frozen quiche before I was diagnosed gluten intolerant. And even though making quiche is a rather easy meal to make – I have never really thought about making it from scratch until now.

I have an abundance of eggs and why not use them for an entrée like a quiche!

I also used my Pie Crust recipe that I used previously for pies. Of course as soon as it was out of the oven I had to have a slice! And it was oh so delicious!

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