Fresh Basil Pesto

My husband grew an abundance of basil (in our greenhouse) this year. I had to harvest the last of the basil before it turned to seed. Not wanting to waste the beautiful basil leaves, I made Pesto of course!!

Now I am being on the cheap because Olive Oil and Pine Nuts are ridiculously expensive, and even at Costco. So I bought almonds and a Kirkland brand Mediterranean Blend Oil (a blend of Canola, Olive and Grape Seed Oil).

It tasted wonderful with the modifications and would so use them again!


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Gluten free pesto, turkey and Roma tomato pizza

If you want to do something different when it comes to making homemade pizza, I suggest trying Gluten free pesto, turkey and Roma tomato instead!
Sometimes you just get bored from the same over and over traditional red sauce and pepperoni but kicked it up with Pesto and Turkey – I promise you’ll like it!


Gluten free pesto, turkey and Roma tomato pizza

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