Santa came to my house early!

Today I hosted a Girl Scout Christmas Party at my house and Santa was invited as well.


My kids simply had a wonderful time. I feel blessed to have great friends like Kate to thank for it — so Kate, thank you for co-hosting today’s Girl Scout Christmas Party at my house with me and then having a roller skating adventure at the Community Center with us and other families from the Troop!

As I tucked my children in bed, I asked them what the best part of today was and they replied….

My oldest son Aden said, “Roller Skating, Santa and Pizza (Cause Mama I really LOVE Pizza)!!!”

My youngest child Arik said, “Roller Skating and Santa.”


And finally my oldest Alexandria said, “Roller Skating, Santa and making the Owls.”



So I can safely say it was a really great day and evening for all of us!!