Gluten Free Turkey Mirin

Turkey Marin | Small Town Living in Nevada

I loved Chicken Marsala. But since I was diagnosed gluten and chicken intolerant, I haven’t had Chicken Marsala in years. I came up with a clever idea that I was going to make my own with Turkey. I had bought pre-packaged  turkey tenderloin. And while I did everything the same and just substituted turkey for the chicken and gluten free flour for regular flour — it came out dry. So I really didn’t try making it again for A LONG WHILE.

We usually buy whole turkeys and fill the deep freezer  with 3 or 4 at a time. Normally I roast up the whole turkey and make turkey salad sandwiches with the left over meat. However, this time I decided I was gonna change it up and basically cut the raw turkey up.

I removed the drumsticks with the thighs still attached. Then I removed the breast meat with the wings still attached and threw everything into large container and was thinking I could get a good 4 meals out of this.

I immediately took the carcass which still had some nice raw turkey still attached to the bones and tossed it into a stock pot and made Turkey Noodle Soup.

Also, that night I made Turkey mirin because I didn’t have any Marsala wine in the house. And to my surprise EVERYONE LOVED IT! Normally my kids and husband tolerate my Marsala Sauce… but everyone said it was delicious and wanted seconds!

AND it was oh so MOIST!! I couldn’t wait for lunch leftovers that how delicious this meal was!

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