My travels to Maui, Hawaii

In preping for my trip I was reading through pages and pages of Maui travel guides searching many hours away looking at where and what to do via other peoples posts on Pinterest. I even went as far as to borrow Maui travel books from my local library because I love being prepared activity-wise when I am on vacation.

What it didn’t say is that if you grew up in California, you will probably feel like you are in San Diego or Santa Cruz while on the West Shore of Maui though. I won’t lie….. I was a little disappointed with the West Shore of Lahaina for that very fact… that was until we actually started getting out and participating in fun activities. And of course all activities that we wanted to partake in were practically all on the North Shore. Which meant a rental car was a must have.

Of all the days/nights we were in Lahaina, I only visited the beach in front of our hotel once. And that was to see the sunset. At that time I called my kids to say I missed and loved them and that I would see them in a week. From there on out I decided I was going to have fun no matter what and make the best of my vacation.

Sunset Sunset2

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Getting ready for Maui

Right now my husband and I are getting ready for a trip to Maui on Monday.

I literally haven’t been to Hawaii in 22 years (am I dating myself?) and my husband has unfortunately never been. So needless to say this will be a vey nice get away for the both of us. Especially on the heels of our town having had such bad weather over the last several months. And all of us recovering from all our sicknesses.

I have in my anal ways researched the heck out of Maui by emailing as well as Facebook PM-ing different restaurants. I can’t help myself. I need or want information on where I can happily eat gluten free meals instead of blindly searching once we get there. And of course I have my heart desires on Zipling, Snorkeling, Whale Watching and attending a Luau… of course not in that order. But you get the idea. Anyhow, hopefully we’ll have time to do all that and maybe hit the sandy beaches as well.

Nevertheless, I will be posting many reviews of our week long excursion so I hope I don’t go overboard with the photos.


~ Michele