Getting lost sucks!

So I have had an exhausting few days. On Sunday my daughter had to be taken to Girl Scout Camp which felt like I was driving to Timbuktu! It was over 3 hours drive time to get there.

I drove through Tahoe originally there and then drove home through Reno. Since my daughter was only there for 3 days, 2 nights it meant I had to do that awful drive twice in 3 days!!

My daughter had to be picked up from Camp between 10:30 & 11:00am on Tuesday.

Since the Reno drive was nicer coming home I decided to go that way, instead, when I had to go back and pick up my daughter.

My mom and I hit the road around 7:15am. Stopped and filled up the car. Drove about 2 hours to Portola, CA made a bathroom stop and then jumped back into the car for what I thought would be another hour arriving at the Camp around 10:30am.  WRONG!!!

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