Last Day of School!

So today is my kids Last Day of School and tomorrow will be first day of summer vacation! Three months of freedom until school is back in session…

Last Day of School!

This summer will be BUSY! On Monday we leave for a much needed vacation to Santa Cruz, California. Beach, sand and sun for a few days! I am counting the minutes!

The middle of June I am having a Girl Scout campout in my backyard. I am quite excited and can’t wait!

At the end of June, beginning of July my husband and I will be in Washington D.C. for a conference and staying extra days to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. I hear the fireworks display for the fourth of July is spectacular!

Then you have July. It is just packed to the brim… my daughter will be attending Girl Scout Camp. We’ll be working on our roof. Making all the repairs to it from when we had that massive wind storm back in February. We also have our 6-month dentist appoints squeezed in there as well.

Then towards the end of July the kids and I head down to my parent’s house for 12 days. And a week later the kids are back in school!

Anyhow, in about 2.5 hours summer begins at the Armstrong house and we will be taking it on by storm!!