I have been so sick….

My kids have been sick all month for one reason or another. My daughter came up positive for Strep Throat and the next day my youngest was in the doctors with an ear infection. Well my daughters medication had ended on Wednesday of last week and by Friday she was running a high fever and sounded like a barking seal. My husband and I were leaving for Las Vegas on Saturday morning but had to postpone a few hours so I could take my daughter to Urgent Care.

The Doctor told me she still had strep throat which would require her to be on a stronger dose of antibiotics this time around. AND that she also had croup and would have to have an oral steroid.

So my husband and I finally take off to Las Vegas while the kids are being taken care of by my parents. Las Vegas is a 7+ hour drive from where we live — 400+ mile trek. But we have a Prius so the gas alone is way cheaper than any flight we could had gotten.

We were there basically for 1 day literally and that was to see Jeff Dunham perform at Planet Hollywood on Sunday afternoon. However, by Sunday night I wasn’t feeling too well… I was having stomach issues. For our car ride home Monday — I was in full blown chills.

Tuesday my Father took me to Urgent Care since my doctor’s office was booked. I was told I had Strep Throat and a mild case of Bronchitis. Mild Case my ass… my ribs hurt so bad from coughing it is painful. So they put me on a z-pack I guess is what they call it.

By Wednesday the 17th my son’s are presenting symptoms now. So I had my parents take them to the doctors … and yep strep throat. My youngest still has a bad fever today.

And my daughter had ran a fever for at least 5 days after being on the new medication. So she missed this entire week from school.

And then there is me. I have been so sick that I was in bed for 5 days straight. This is literally the first time I was able to sit up and turn on my computer and type something out for my Blog.

I can’t remember the last time I was so sick that I was stuck in bed for 5 days if ever. My throat still hurts. My cough is awful and I am all congested — not fun at all.

I hope that we are all well enough for christmas next week. And knock on wood that my husband doesn’t fall ill to this nasty germ bug that is hitting my home hard.