Plum Jelly

I was going through the fridge and tossing questionable containers when I came across several baggies of Chinese Plums. TheyIMG_7957 had been sitting in the refrigerator since we picked them weeks ago. It was either toss them, too, or make something immediately with them.

I love Plum Jam and was — yeah I can do that. So I had a little over a pound of plumbs. The kids and I had already pitted them, so all I needed to do was chop them up.

Unfortunately – I made a HUGE mess of the kitchen with this little batch of Jam. I placed them in the food processor, yet it didn’t chop as fine as I wanted. Next I pulled out the Blender and pureed them instead. Perfect!

When I tossed the pureed fruit, water and sugar in the pot and started to boil — I noticed there was what looked like nuts in the mixture floating to the top. AGH! There must had been a pit in one of the plums that we missed — so now I had to get out the sieve to retrieve the pit particles. Unfortunately that meant my jam will now be less chunky as well. Oh well, it will still be really tasty nevertheless!

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