OtterBox is the best way to go to protect your Cell Phone or iPad

Back in January I brought my iPad to the Dentist office. Yeah, not for a check up, but to keep my youngest occupied since it was his first Dentist visit.

As the receptionist called our names and we were walking towards the hygienist, my son dropped my iPad (by accident) on to the tile floor. I instantly heard the glass break. I think my heart stopped for a second and I most likely gasped. As I picked the iPad up off the floor I instantly saw that the screen was shattered. I touched it to see how bad the shattering was and unfortunately cut my finger.

Shattered iPad Screen
Since, the hygienist didn’t offer me a bandaid, I had to sit there in the dental chair while they cleaned my teeth all the while with glass stuck in my bleeding finger. Wonderful, huh?

Anyhow, once I got home I fixed my finger, yet would take months to get my iPad fixed. I needed  the app on it to help my daughter to sell Girl Scout Cookies. The app was to keep track of her sales basically.

So I placed the iPad into a gallon sized ziploc bag and used it as normal. Unfortunately, a cracked was across the lens area so I was unable to use the camera. Eh, no big deal.

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