Waffles with Dippy Eggs (as my kids call them)

The kids love waffles (Obviously) but I always want them to have some protein with their waffles as well. So I put the two together. I used frozen gluten free waffles for this recipe of course. Add some bacon as a side and you have a really tasty breakfast.

Waffle Dippy Eggs | Small Town Living in Nevada

Waffles with Dippy Eggs


  • 6 gluten free Frozen Waffles (I used Krusteaz brand)
  • 6 eggs
  • Butter
  • Syrup


Toast waffles in a toaster. Then cut a hole in the middle with a biscuit cutter.

Heat a large frying pan; melt butter. Once the pan is nice and hot place the waffles on the pan and crack eggs into the waffle’s middles.

Cook eggs to your desired liking.

My Daughters outdoor “Frozen” Birthday Party in November


Yes, my daughter wanted a “Frozen” Birthday like every other girl this year. I was informed of this decision about 6 months ago and have been working on this “project” for a couple of months now.

I held the party outside, but of course I stressed over it for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain or snow especially since I had no idea how I would have 30+ kids and a bunch of adults in my little house if it did rain/snow.

But the weather held up nicely at 55º up until the last hour of our party — and then it started turning cold and breezy — a literal “Frozen” Party, LOL.

I used snowflake table clothes including and couple of Arendelle themed plastic table clothes for a couple of my little tables. I also decorated with Frozen themed helium balloons on the tables.


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Birthday Cake anyone

Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday and I make her cake practically every year. And this year wasn’t any different. However,  I bought a cake box at walmart so I could box it so we can take it over to CV Steak at the Carson Valley Inn for Dinner tonight! I think I did a pretty good job (for someone that doesn’t frost cakes that often) — except for writing her name not so good at that. I need to work on that one!

Frozen themed gluten free chocolate cake.

Frozen themed gluten free chocolate cake.

Frozen themed gluten free chocolate cake.

Frozen themed gluten free chocolate cake.

Frozen Pudding Pops….

I was craving Pudding Pops and hadn’t had them in eons… especially since they don’t make them any longer. I bought an

Jello Pudding Pop with a generic Popsicle  holder

Jello Pudding Pop with a generic Popsicle holder

Jello Pudding Pop with a Jello Pudding Pop holder | Small Town Living in Nevada

Jello Pudding Pop with a Jello Pudding Pop holder

actual Jello Pudding Pop kit and was sorely upset. There wasn’t anything fancy or needed. The kit supplied 2 small boxes of chocolate pudding and 2 small boxes of vanilla pudding and a small 8 compartment popsicle tray….

There was nothing in there that was special — and the recipe was exactly the same as if you were making pudding. The difference is that you fill the tray and then freeze rather than refrigerating.

Of course I have a  bazillion popsicle trays… and could had easily purchased the pudding packets off the shelf. But I thought it was going to be different, boy was I wrong.

Nevertheless, the kids and I had fun making the pudding pops together. And the end result was really tasty. Live and learn people… Live and learn.

Decorative cups..

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I have invited a lot of people. Unfortunately my house is small, but luckily my property is very large – 1/2 acre to be exact. The weather around this time is rather iffy to say the least. And surprisingly the last 2 years the weather has been beautiful. However, I checked the weather forecast this morning and it states it will be sunny the day before and the day after the party, but should be raining all day long the day of!!! AGH!!! I really don’t want to squeeze that many people into my tiny house.

Nevertheless, my daughter wants a Frozen Party like every other girl this year. But have you seen how expensive everything decoration is out there? It is ridiculous. I went to Walmart and bought 100 clear plastic cups for under $5 and several sheets of Frozen Stickers for about $4 and made my own decorative cups for the occasion.

Frozen Cups made by placing stickers on to Plastic Cups.

Frozen Cups made by placing stickers on to Plastic Cups.

So can you tell me who my son is dressed up as?

My kids are so looking forward to Halloween since it is October now. And rightly so, LOL. Who doesn’t like trick or treating.

Anyhow, for the last four halloweens I have dressed my kids up in the same themes and this year will be no different. Last year they were Izzy, Jake and Cubby from Jake and the Never Land Pirates, the year before we had Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and Peter Pan. When my youngest wasn’t quite a year old — he was a horse and my daughter was an Indian Princess and my other son was a cowboy. And when there were just two kids I had Dorothy and the Lion. So I LOVE THEMES. This year we’ll have Elsa, Olaf and ….. does this even look like the character I am going for????

My mother-in-law Sherlyn and I spent about 4 hours working on this tunic. I recommend never working with faux fur… it is horrendously messy like a shedding animal. ACK! Anyhow, she did the sewing machine work and I did most of the hand sewn work on this outfit. Hope it looks like the character it is suppose to look like.

Aden1 Aden2