Lantern Fest 2015 – Event Review

Lantern Fest - Fernley Speedway

Lantern Fest - Fernley SpeedwayI was fortunate enough that Lantern Fest invited my family to partake in their festivities on Friday. While it was magical, it was also challenging. It isn’t as easy as it seems and we only got one out of our two lanterns up and floating.  This was mostly due to the Nevada winds, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the kids had a lot of fun Lantern Fest - Fernley Speedwaydecorating the Lanterns, toasting marshmallows around the provided pits and making s’mores as well as watching all the twinkling lights from the Lanterns around us. It was an all round extraordinary event!

It was a spectacular evening regardless of the wind AND it was so breathtaking to watch hundreds of lanterns rise into the sky at once!!! It was like twinkling stars above us while the band played awesome music throughout the night.

Lantern Fest - Fernley Speedway

The location of having Lantern Fest at Fernley Speedway was great. There wasn’t any noise or light pollution to interfere with the ambiance.

While it was awesome to see the Lanterns rise… not all Lanterns did. Due to the Nevada winds many lanterns weren’t “rising” as they should, flying all over the place and into people and their belongs all the while on fire! This unfortunately happened to one of the two lanterns we had. We should had just been patient and waited the wind out and then tried releasing the second lantern then. Instead, we tried to fight the wind and eventually our Lantern tore and was no longer usable.

Lantern Fest - Fernley Speedway

It was nice that they had all kinds of activities for all ages prior to the lantern launch including entertainment during the launch which included awesome tunes from a live band to the fire performers.

All in all it was an awe inspiring sight to witness the lanterns that did rise into the sky as well as to have spent that evening experiencing releasing our Lanterns with my friends and family. I’d definitely participate in this event again!

Lantern Fest - Fernley Speedway

*** Disclaimer: I received our tickets free from Lantern Fest. I am not required to write a positive review and all opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Lantern Fest at the Fernley 95A Speedway

Releasing lanterns into the night sky. Photo from

Releasing lanterns into the night sky.
Photo from

Did you know that Reno will be hosting The Lantern Fest at the Fernley 95A Speedway on Friday October 16th and Saturday October 17th?

Do you even have a clue what a Lantern Fest event even is?

Well let me tell you —- a Lantern Fest is where thousands of people come together with lanterns in hand for an extraordinary night… There is music, dancing, s’mores and then what everyone came for — to release their lanterns into the night sky!!

To learn more about the lanterns please go to: About Lantern Fest

If you want to purchase tickets for this event go to Reno Lantern Fest to get your tickets for Friday October 16th since the show on Saturday the 17th is now SOLD OUT!! Save an additional 10% off with Promo Code smtownliving2015 at !!

With your Lantern Pass, you will receive a wristband granting you entrance to the event, a Lantern, a marker, a lighter, and a s’mores kit (with enough supplies to make 4 s’mores). Kids 3 and under are free, ages 4 to 15 will need to register with a “$5 kids pass”, they will receive entrance to the event as well as a mini flashlight.

It should be an unforgettable night regardless if you are on a date or going with the family!

To be enter in a drawing for 2 (two) free admission tickets to the Lantern Fest in Reno click here!

Location of the Lantern Fest
Fernley 95A Speedway
1965 Highway 95A
Reno, NV