Beef Chow Mein with Rice Stick Noodles

So I have been literally sick for a week. And today was the 1st day in a week that I actually felt well enough to cook dinner. So I decided Chow Mein was something that really sounded good and not too complicated to wear me out.

I went through the refrigerator and freezer and pulled out food that would work well for my dish. There was some steak leftover from dinner a few nights ago that I diced up and placed in the chow mien marinade. Plus, there was a 1/2 a yellow onion that looked like it would be a good addition to my concoction!

I scoured the freezer and found stir fry veggies and some frozen peas, score!

Then it was either vermicelli rice noodles or pad thai rice stick noodles… AND the quick decision was to go with the thicker noodles this time around.

Beef Chow Mein | Small Town Living in Nevada

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