Gluten Free Philly Cheesesteak

Gluten Free Cheesesteak | Small Town Living in Nevada

I can still remember sitting at Pat’s King of Steaks® in Philadelphia years ago AND loving every bite of my Cheesesteak Sandwich and thinking I need their recipe!! Anyway, now I have to make mine gluten free but it is still loaded with grilled onions, red peppers, steak and smothered in Cheez Whiz!

The other night I made Cheesesteaks for dinner! I haven’t made this meal in a very long time. Of course I can’t use a traditional Italian Gluten filled Roll, but that is ok.  ANDDDDDD the recipe I follow is non-other than Pat’s King of Steaks that I acquired eons ago from the restaurant’s website before they took the recipe off the internet.

Now I probably use more Cheez Whiz than most and make this a messy, but delicious sandwich! But you can use as much or as little of any and all ingredients to build your perfect sandwich!

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