DIY Homemade Decorative Candle Holders

Many years ago I use to attend the local MOPS with my children. One of the crafts I learned was how to make homemade candle holders.  It is by far the easiest craft I have made – and it is rather affordable to gather your items at the Dollar Tree at that.

And since St Patrick’s is around the corner you can use green spilt peas for decoration inside the candle holders.

DIY Candle Holders | Small Town Living in Nevada

What you need:

  • Different sized glass vases
  • Glass candle stick holders
  • Different sized candles
  • 2-3 bags of split peas
  • E6000 Glue

Place glue around the top edge of the candle stick holder.  Center the base of the vase on the candle stick.  Allow to dry completely before handling. Approximately 24 hours is best.

Once dry, fill the vases with split peas. And place a candle inside. Wallah, you now have a decorative candle holder.