Yeah, we went camping, again!

Camping in the Wilderness

Camping in the Wilderness

So my family and I went camping.. yes I thought the last trip was our last trip for the season, but I guess it wasn’t. The weather has been nice in town and well… we couldn’t resist going camping one more time.

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Camping adventures…

We came home a day early from camping ’cause well… it snowed on us the 2nd night there… even though 1st night it rained on us. But last night… HOLY MOLY it hailed — then started to rain — then thunder was so loud it shook the tent trailer THEN it poured harder. Thennnnnnn it started to snow! Fun, fun Times!! And because it was Opening Season for Deer — there were a bazillion and one hunters with their rifles and side arms EVERYWHERE. Yeah, we left a day earlier than planned.

Despite the weather — we had a fun adventure. We even went Geocaching. Didn’t realize there is a farm up by Highland Lakes — and the cows and horses are free range and walking around.

The kids with my mom and husband


Our View from our Tent Trailer

Free Range Cow

My Husband and I


My Dad and the kids

My 11 year old Lab Molly


Free Range Horse

Scary Face at the River
What we woke up to