I injured my finger on Wednesday

On Wednesday I noticed the kids had moved my husband’s weights around on the back porch where he keeps his weight bench and weights. It looked iffy like someone could possibly get hurt so I decided I was going to tidy up and move the weights where they needed to be placed. As I was moving the weight bench a dumb bell that had 20 lb weights on each side some how rolled off the porch and in the process smashing my finger and split it open. So just the one side of the 20 lb weight smashed my finger wide open! AND it took forever to stop the bleeding. For the longest time my finger just killed me and was totally throbbing.

I have had a bazillion clothes to fold between then and now and it has been a really slow process of getting everything folded. A challenge to say the least. Using the mouse hurts… and texting is getting better. My husband thinks I possibly needed stitches and that my finger probably had been broken as well.

Don’t get me wrong, my finger still hurts. But I am doing a lot more. I have a rubber finger protector covering my finger so I can wash my hands and basically wash dishes without feeling like the bandage will get soaked or gross from something.

12019143_10206212338761412_1019077949_oThen I went to the store and got some fancy jewelry since I kept banging my finger on stuff. Now I feel A LOT better.

2 days later and I still can’t touch my finger. It hurts even with the slightest touch. So for now I am really babying it. I still can understand how I did this with that damn 20 lb weight!!