Baltic Amber Necklace – Product Review

Baltic Amber Necklace

Have you heard about the healing powers of natural Baltic Amber?  Many years ago I had read about the benefits of Baltic Amber teething necklaces helping babies while teething and was very intrigued. I purchased my daughter an amber necklace and was hooked. I have used Amber necklaces over the years on all three of my children as teething remedies for when they were cutting new teeth. So you can imagine how many years my children were wearing Amber necklaces. And as an added benefit the necklaces looked cute on them as well.

Fast forward many years… My daughter is 8 years old and is now using an amber necklace from Amber Artisans for pain control as she loses her baby teeth and is dealing with the pain of her new adult teeth coming in.

When natural Baltic Amber comes in contact with our body, it not only promotes healing but it also creates a calmness. Since Baltic Amber supports our immune system through contact, it also provides a form of energy that restores physical well-being.

So what is Baltic Amber? Approximately 40-50 million years ago tree sap ran down ancient long forgotten trees. This sap protected them from pests, illness, infection and decay. The Baltic Sea now covers this ancient forest. The hardened amber resin in forms of nuggets from this covered forest washes to shore and can be found all over Europe. All forms of amber have been highly valued by society for its beauty including the belief that it contains healing powers.

Through research, Baltic Amber does in fact reduce pain because of its naturally occurring succinic acid content, an anti-inflammatory product that is affective against teething pain, migraines, growing pains, morning sickness and arthritis. When worn against the skin, the amber is warmed and releases the succinic acid into our bloodstream helping to alleviate pain and discomfort. What many write off as simple ‘hippie medicine’ has actually been widely studied and documented by the likes of Nobel-prize winner Robert Koch and others more recently.

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