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About Small Town Living in Nevada

My kids, husband and I have a lot of food allergies but it doesn’t stop us from eating well or from having fun! In June 2014 I launched Small Town Living in Nevada originally via Facebook to share my Gluten Free Recipes and my zany family adventures. Since my blog is so very specific with mainly Gluten Free recipes, I have been delighted with the response as my blog now has been visited by over 1000 people since June 2014. In addition to sharing my crafts, activities, and recipes here on my blog, I am an avid user of Pinterest (1,000+ pins and 67 followers), in addition to building a great community on Facebook (433 fans).

Founded via Facebook on June 17, 2014.

Moved blog to WordPress: September 2014.

Metrics for Small Town Living in Nevada (since September 2014)
300 page views per month from 16+ Countries
1.5 views per visitors per month 
67 followers on Pinterest 
433 fans on Facebook

Opportunities with Small Town Living in Nevada

125×125 pixel sidebar ads | $50/mo
300 x 250 pixel sidebar ads | $125/mo
Banner ads embedded in posts | $175/mo

All ads are subject to review and approval and must be appropriate for Small Town Living in Nevada’s readers.

I am quite selective about the product reviews I accept. It must be a product I’m interested in and also a good fit for my specific audience. I do not charge for editorial reviews, nor do I promise inclusion or meet any deadlines. I will be candid about my experience and opinions. If you want me to guarantee inclusion or have key message points that would like me to share with my audience, you may want to consider a sponsored post.

Giveaways include a 125 px ×125 px sidebar ad for the month, and I charge a $100 administrative fee unless special arrangements are made. I offer one entry for a relevant comment and additional optional entries for following the brand on Twitter or subscribing to newsletters, etc. I do not offer entries for “likes” on Facebook, since it violates Facebook’s TOS. Please DO NOT mail giveaway items to me. They must be mailed from the sponsored company to the winner. Sponsoring brands must handle fulfillment.

Please send all inquiries to stlnevada@gmail.comThank you for your interest in supporting Small Town Living in Nevada!