Life certainly has been busy, as always!

I know my life has always been busy. And certainly Scouting is a big part of that craziness! AND January through March is insane because of Girl Scout Cookie Season! And then we are doing everything else in between the cookie madness!

As of February, birthday season is officially over until November! My two son’s birthdays are 5 days apart followed by mine a week later! Yeah, this is the time of year that I am sick of cake…

Aden turned 8 and Arik turned 6…. and well lets just say I am now in my mid-40s! Ack, how did that one happen!?

But before all the birthdays happened Alex had a Girl Scout event at the Discovery Museum. To clarify, Alex and I attended a Girl Scouts overnight event at the Discovery Museum.

It was a very fun event and so glad as a Co-leader I was able to be there for the Girls and have some fun time with my number one girl! Oh did I mention that I built a fort for Addy (Alex’s BFF), Alex and I to sleep in, LOL!

While Alex and her friends had a blast — I was so tired. I woke up with a stiff neck and headache from sleeping on the floor and I ended up being so tired when I got home that I ate lunch and took a 3-hour nap!!!


Arik wanted me to pull the Olaf pancake griddle out and make him pancakes for breakfast… and the good mama  I am, I obliged!! Hey you only turn 6 once, right?


Then, I asked Arik what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and said Chocolate frosting and white cake… so I made him a homemade ghirardelli chocolate frosting with a white cake.


That afternoon Aden had his Cub Scout Annual Pinewood Derby that we attended… it was fun seeing all the creativity in cars. Aden and my husband worked hard to make an Ice Cream Sandwich car!! And I have to say they did a stellar job!


Then of course 5 days later we celebrated Aden’s 8th birthday!


I normally am quite low key for my birthday, but this year my birthday was on a Saturday. And while I always have a joint birthday party for my boys this year I had it on my birthday and we all celebrated together at the Community Center.

The day before my birthday Aden was so sweet. We ended up at the Grocery store and he was asking me if I liked flowers. I said I love plants that have flowers so I can plant them in my garden. Well while we were at the store, he used his own money and bought me a mum plant and said it was for my birthday tomorrow. I love that boy!! He knows how to make my heart melt.


The boys invited 10 friends each to their birthday party and everyone had a blast! I made all three of us HUGE muffin sized cupcakes with Butterbeer Frosting. I can’t lie, they were oh so good!


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Disney movies! Ok I LOVE Disney everything including Disneyland!! But for some reason or another we never had the time to go see Moana. But finally the movie came out at the Cheap Theater and I took the kids to finally see it! I said we had to see it in the Theater before it came out on DVD like a week or two later, LOL!

And then there was the night I cut my finger while slicing cheese for a dinner salad I was making. I put a bandaid on it and sat down with the family and ate dinner, but because it was still bleeding pretty goodI went to the ER to get stitches. I was quite peeved, they glued my incision instead of stitches. Made me feel like I could had stayed home and saved $125! Nevertheless, I think I may have some kind of nerve damage since my finger goes numb and starts aching when it is really cold outside.


The week of Feb 27th was Dr Seuss week at my kid’s school and that Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day! Well I got creative with Alex’s hair… I printed out 1/2 of a mermaid. Cut the mermaid out and then hot glued the mermaid to a barrette. I bought colored hair spray and dyed all three of my kid’s hair.




Alex’s came out the best… I fishtailed her hair and then placed the Mermaid nestled in the braid to make it look like the braid was the mermaid’s tail! The boys have short hair so they were given spikes as best as I could do,LOL!


Every weekend in March we have been attending cookie booths!! Our Girls ended up being in the middle of a snow blizzard during one of their Girl Scout Cookie Booths!! It was crazy to say the least! And we ended up getting around 12″ of snow that day.


And of course, I couldn’t believe the next week it was in the 60s and the kids were playing in the sprinklers!!! Mother Nature has been fickle around here with Wind, Flooding, Snow and spring time weather.


So during one of our wind / rain storms my neighbor’s tree uprooted and fell on my house. I was inside and it shook the whole house making it feel like an earthquake was happening. Nevertheless, my roof was damaged above my kitchen and garage. And of course the electricity was out that day for like 9-hours as well!!

This was my makeshift kitchen since my range is electric and the electricity was out. I needed to make dinner earlier than usual because I was trying to utilize the sunlight while I could! And well… I had a girls night out to attend as well, LOL!


It was insane that my neighbor’s tree landed on my house. Over a month later and it still isn’t resolved with the insurance company!! It is so frustrating.



That night I went to Meek’s Hardware with my friend Megan for their Ladies night. I had fun and got to make this cute heart ❤️. Afterwards Megan and I grabbed dinner and just talked for 2 hours sitting in our booth! I loved having dinner and our conversation. All in all had a good night with great company! It was much needed after the day I had, LOL!


The colors evolved, but it still ended up on my front door!


Skip forward to yesterday – I made a mess of my kitchen table by planting seeds! I pretty much decided to plant seeds, so I could have some awesome plants to transplant in my garden come June!! You know how I LOVE GARDENING!!

So far I have planted Zucchini, Butternut squash, 3 different kinds of pumpkins (including the BIG Jumbo ones), jalapeños, sunflowers, string beans, cauliflower, white corn, cucumbers, eggplant, Bok Choi, Bell Peppers, Cantaloupe, Broccoli, and Snow Peas. Not sure if I am missing something that I should be planting. I have tomatoes decomposing in jars in the garage that I need to harvest the seeds so I can plant those… Hopefully the seeds I did plant will germinate and I will have a FULL garden come June!!



Anyhow, I think now that Cookie Season is officially over in a week… life will be a little less hectic, but probably not. I signed Aden up for a Golf Clinic and Arik is resigned up for T-ball. Soooooooo, wish me luck! Until next time!!

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