5 places where to eat Gluten Free in New Orleans

1. Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar

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My husband and I headed over to Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar that is located on Iberville St one afternoon.

I asked the waitress if they had a “Gluten Free” menu. Although she said no, she pointed out many of the grilled items were GF.

Nevertheless, I ordered their Blackened Louisiana Alligator as an appetizer and their Blackened Gulf Shrimp for dinner.

Oh my goodness!! The Alligator was spectacular and the Shrimp was cooked to perfection! The Blackened spice was flavorful and not too over powering to the point that I over ate and waddled myself on out the door!!

It definitely isn’t the fanciest place around but the food was really tasty and the service was great. AND your meal was out quickly, so you didn’t have to wait forever and a day to eat your meal.

Anyhow, if I have time on my schedule, I may try and head back over to try something else out on their menu.


Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar
739 Iberville St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Call: (504) 522-4440

Sunday – Thursday: 11a -10p
Friday & Saturday: 11a – 11p



2. Sucré

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One of my challenges in NOLA was dessert. Everything is made with gluten. How can one go to such a city and NOT eat dessert!? But thanks to my friend Mary Catherine‘s suggestion I was able to finally get dessert in New Orleans at Sucré.

The staff there were informative and great!

Most of Sucré macarons are gluten-free and come in a variety of traditional as well as unique flavors, too! They also have ice cream, as well! I taste tested their Café Au Lait ice cream and was instantly HOOKED!

I told the gal that I would be back after dinner cause I was coming back to Sucré for dessert… well lets just say I never made it to dinner and came straight back for my dessert, LOL! I ordered two Chocolate Covered Macarons and a scoop of Café Au Lait ice cream. It finally settled my dessert hunger. I was getting Hangry for dessert and quite jealous of everyone around me enjoying their desserts. Nevertheless… Sucré made me a very happy mama!

The Chocolate Covered Macaron was a crispy macaron filled with milk chocolate caramel ganache. Yeah… there weren’t even a crumb left and If you like coffee ice cream, Café Au Lait ice cream is for you. It was better than any coffee ice cream I have tasted before.

Anyhow, I has extremely happy that my sweet tooth was finally curbed!

If you would like to check out which Macarons are Gluten Free go to: http://www.shopsucre.com/gluten-free-macarons


622 Conti
New Orleans, LA ·70130

Sun – Thurs: 9 am – 10 pm
Fri – Sat: 9 am – 11 pm


3. Deanie’s Seafood

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So my husband and I took Uber a few times while in New Orleans. Talking with two of our drivers, both recommended Deanies Seafood to try while in town. My thoughts are if you want to know where the locals go check out the Newspapers online for the “Best of Articles” or as a local. Nevertheless, we strolled on over one afternoon to Deanies and I have to say by far the food was so delicious we ended up there twice! And on their website they actually have a Gluten Free menu, SCORE!

I had their Shrimp Mate Broiled which was mouth watering AWESOME! I wish I had gotten a photo, but the platter was HUGE, yet I ate ever single shrimp on my platter. And of course when it was all gone is when I went SHOOT! Forgot a photo, LOL!!

The next time I was there I had ordered their BBQ Shrimp… which was really tasty, yet REALLY MESSY! I ended up wearing a bib… I originally said no to the bib then 3 minutes into the meal asked for one — so ALWAYS go with the bib, LOL!! The shrimp is whole with head on and is peel and eat… so it is tremendously messy and will take awhile to eat! It was on the greasy side but is really savory!

This restaurant by far has been my favorite in the French Quarter!


Deanie’s Seafood
Open Daily from 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Located at: 841 Iberville St

For their Gluten Free Menu go to: http://www.deanies.com/restaurants/gluten-free-menu-options/


4. Remoulade

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We made our way over to to Remoulade for lunch the other day after we got into town. I was very happy to hear they had Gluten Free Options to offer people like me and many of my readers!!

They had zero wait. The server was knowledgeable on what to have as far as Gluten Free was concerned.

One of their items was

Blackened Catfish
Fresh bayou catfish seasoned with herbs & spices and seared to perfection,
served with crab-boiled potatoes

I was sold!! My two favorites in such a town is Catfish and / or shrimp. So I went with the Catfish. I was so happy with my meal! The fish was flaky yet moist and definitely perfectly seared to to my liking. The seasoning was a wonderful flavorful blend of herbs and spices with just the right amount of heat. I will definitely be coming back here again before I leave!


Open Daily from 11:30AM – 11:00PM
Located at: 309 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130


5. Huck Finn’s Cafe

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Josh and I met up with a several friends for lunch at Huck Finn’s one afternoon. While there I ordered their:

Blackened Shrimp Salad
Blackened shrimp on a bed of baby spinach and topped with roasted red peppers, diced tomatoes and feta cheese. Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

If you are looking for something different then this salad is what you are looking for. It was a refreshing change even though it had the addition of New Orleans traditional Blackened Shrimp. The feta cheese the perfect amount of saltiness to the plate. And the Balsamic Vinaigrette was incredibly good and paired well with this Spinach Salad.


Huck Finn’s Cafe
Open Daily from 8AM – 10PM
Located at: 135 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 529-8600

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