So, so busy!

So on Monday my husband and I packed the car, then the kids and ourselves into the Prius and drove 400+ miles to Anaheim to visit Disneyland. We normally would stay for 3 days at the parks, but decided to save money and bought two-day park hopper tickets this time instead. Uh, having two days seemed very rushed. And even though we didn’t make it onto every ride we had planned, the kids still had an awesome time!

Once we arrived into town we went to Walmart and bought lunch supplies and dinner supplies for one night. Even though the food is quite tasty at Disneyland, and being gluten intolerant isn’t even an issue — the only food we purchased inside the park was a Dole Whip cause you can’t go to Disneyland without having a Dole Whip!


Dole Whip

I made sack lunches for everyone each morning and placed the food into a cooler bag in which we would place the bag into a locker for the day outside of Disneyland. Since Disneyland has a great picnic area before you come into the park, it is a nice little break from it all so everyone could eat lunch. Once everyone is done with lunch it was back at it until either the park closed or we needed a dinner break.

My youngest wasn’t quite 3 years old last time we were at Disneyland and with him now being 5 he was VERY excited to be at the Happiest Place on Earth since he didn’t remember our last visit. The other two remembered the characters and how fun everything was. But with them all being older — this was the first year that we didn’t bring a stroller, diaper bag or even had to take naps. It was a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE for us especially since all the kids were tall enough for 95% of the rides!


On Wednesday it was my oldest son’s birthday so we planned on having dinner at the PCH Grill at the Paradise Pier Hotel for their Character Dining. It was great… all the kids ordered Gluten Free pizza for dinner. I had their Gluten Free Shrimp Alfredo Pasta plate and for dessert they brought out a beautiful Gluten Free birthday cake for the boys since their birthdays are 5 days apart. The only problem was they spelled my oldest son’s name wrong. I was more upset over the name being spelled wrong then my son was. I don’t even think he noticed to be honest. Nevertheless, I spoke to the manager and looking at his paperwork said they originally had the correct spelling but somewhere the name got written incorrectly and was going to give us a discount. I was happy with that. When the bill came they gave us the cake for free. I was shocked!! I couldn’t believe he gave us the cake for free. It was a wonderfully tasty cake… and just the name had been spelled wrong. I am still in awe over this one that they provided us with a free birthday cake.

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

I think next time we decide to come back we’ll stay for 3 days instead of 2 so we can include more rides into our schedule… and of course they are building Star Wars Land, so we’ll have to check that out of course!!

All in all we had a blast. Now we are visiting relatives and will have to trek home on Saturday… a long tiring drive home. But at least we’ll have Sunday to recoup before my husband has to go back to work and the kids will have to head back to the grind of school.




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