Our summer has come to an end…..

Summer is officially coming to an end. While I am sad, my kids are actually glad to be back at school which gives me more time to catch up things I have neglected over the last few months.

But seriously (sniff, sniff) summer went by way too fast!!

My kids were out of school just 3 days when we headed to Seacliff Beach in Aptos, CA. I love, love, love the beach!! Living 6-hours away from the ocean we get out there maybe once or twice a year if we are lucky. And this year we were lucky and were able to actually go twice – once in June and then again in August!!

Seacliff Beach, Aptos, CA.

The second time we were at Seacliff — it was AMAZING!! My mother, kids and I had such an extraordinary time at Seacliff State Beach today thanks to my cousins and their kiddos. It was an awesome adventure that included Whales, Dolphins, Seals, and Otters galore! I felt like a kid squealing at the site of the whales. This sighting was MORE EXCITING than when we paid to whale watch in Maui back in April. Oh my gosh it was just jaw dropping and ALL A FREE NATURE SHOW for all at the beach.

Seacliff Beach, Aptos, CA. - Whale sighting

Seacliff Beach, Aptos, CA. -- Dolphins

Seacliff Beach, Aptos, CA.

Also, in June I put together and hosted a Girl Scout backyard campout in my backyard for my daughter’s troop. It was so much fun interacting with the girls and seeing everyone myself included all in our 10-person tent that night. The girls had a blast roasting hot dogs on a stick over the campfire… making s’mores with girl scout cookies instead of graham crackers and just having an overall wonderful night.

Then at the end of June my parents drove up to our house and watched my kids for 11 days while my husband and I attended a convention / anniversary vacation in Washington D.C. I have to say — it was such an educational yet fun trip. Even though this was my 4th trip to D.C. it was actually my 1st stay over vacation. They rest of my visits were only day trips. So it was a whole new experience.


Josh and I went for a walk around DC one night after dinner. It was nice to just walk. I turned back into a kid for half an hour when I saw fireflies and actually even caught one and was entertained for a long while, LOL, the things in life that truly make me happy!


One of our mornings while in D.C. we got dressed up ad hit the “Hill” so my husband and co-workers could speak reform with our Local Congressmen and women. That was cool, I had never tagged along before.

Then July 4th is my wedding anniversary. Yes — we wanted fireworks when we got married and in 2003 it was a 3 day weekend! But this year was the first year since 2006 that we celebrated 4th of July without my children, but my mother was awesome and sent me a photograph of my kids all dressed in their 4th of July tees we made before I left for our trip.


But our anniversary was grand and something I will not ever forget!

Once we got back home we were riddled for two weeks with Cub Scout events, 4 dentist appointments… my husband, father-in-law and my own dad working to put new shingles on our roof, and taking my daughter to Girl Scout Camp. But after that the kids and I drove down to the Bay Area with my parents and stayed for 2 weeks.

During our Bay Area vacation we went to the beach as I previously
stated as well as attended a Bridal shower, 3 birthdays and took the kids to the movies to see Inside Out, squeezed in a cemetery visit so I could say happy birthday my grand parents and also went to Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo so the older kids could use their reading rewards certificates. Oh did I mention we even adopted a kitten while visiting our family. Yep, my daughter named her Lulu… she is doing well with our menagerie of animals. It just took a week for all the animal to adjust once we got back home to Nevada. She is definitely spoiled to say the least.


Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom

Jimmy's 40th Birthday

When we got home a few days later the kids and I were able to get up to Tahoe for a beach day. Five days later my Husband, kids and I went boating with my husband’s step-dad and mother at Tahoe. The kids had fun — and Tahoe is just a beautiful place and only 30 minutes to get to for us.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe's Nevada Beach

And the kids and I also had a tour of our local Berry Farm with my daughter’s Girl Scout Troop a few days before school started… the Blackberries we HUGE!

Black Berries from Jacobs Berry Farm

Jacobs Berry Farm

All in all summer was jammed packed… the only thing we didn’t get to do is our camping trips — normally we get in 3-4 trips and this year not one AS OF YET. But we shall see!

My garden was quite sad this year… I planted seedlings late due to being sick with Bronchitis. So even though I planted the plants into the ground the first week of June, I just haven’t gotten the vegetables growing on the plants at all. And I think the soil needs to be built up because the plants didn’t thrive as well as previous years. I just pulled my onions out of the ground and have them hanging on the porch curing. But I have only one yellow squash growing yet never received even one zucchini off my other plants. I do have to say what we did get out of the garden like cucumbers, tomatoes and string beans we have been enjoying. I am still waiting on my pumpkins to orange up. Looks like we have 5 for pies, cakes and cookies this year. The corn is still maturing and we have an abundance of green onions to last awhile. Nevertheless, what I do have I love!

Onions Curing from the garden

As of right now my kids have been back to school for a week and tonight is Back to School night. Getting back in routine wasn’t as hard as I thought. However, I still am not a morning person and the alarm clock is my frenemy. I will survive and am counting down the months until summer is back, LOL!

First Day of School

3 thoughts on “Our summer has come to an end…..

  1. Your children too will have nostalgic memories of these days and reminiscence about these great good times when much much older. I hope you print these photographs for them…..I did for mine but los forever a good bit of negatives not printed…

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  2. I loved all the memories that we built with the kids this year. Yes, everything we did was fun and exciting.I love my grandchildren so much that even thou I was tired I sure do miss them a lot. We did have a wonderful summer and hopefully we will be able to do it again next summer. Love To All Of You

    Liked by 1 person

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