Getting lost sucks!

So I have had an exhausting few days. On Sunday my daughter had to be taken to Girl Scout Camp which felt like I was driving to Timbuktu! It was over 3 hours drive time to get there.

I drove through Tahoe originally there and then drove home through Reno. Since my daughter was only there for 3 days, 2 nights it meant I had to do that awful drive twice in 3 days!!

My daughter had to be picked up from Camp between 10:30 & 11:00am on Tuesday.

Since the Reno drive was nicer coming home I decided to go that way, instead, when I had to go back and pick up my daughter.

My mom and I hit the road around 7:15am. Stopped and filled up the car. Drove about 2 hours to Portola, CA made a bathroom stop and then jumped back into the car for what I thought would be another hour arriving at the Camp around 10:30am.  WRONG!!!

At some point I made a wrong turn and everything started to became unfamiliar. I was getting so upset and frustrated because I knew I made a wrong turn. But being in Timbuktu (basically out in the middle of no where) I didn’t have cell service and there wasn’t a person or place in sight to ask if I was headed the wrong way.

AGH, eventually I came up on a sign that said I was only 30 miles from Truckee, CA!!! I started yelling, I knew I was now definitely headed in the wrong direction!!! But how did I get this far off course and how far off course was I??????

Finally I see some construction guys or county workers in pick-up with hard hats. I jet across the two lane highway and jump out of the car saying excuse me — can you please help me I think I am really lost.

They tell me I am basically an hour from where I want to be. I totally gasped in horror since I would be late – way past 11:00am!! I said thank you and headed back the way I just drove, hitting my steering wheel feeling deflated and a failure. I never get lost like this. I have no idea how it happened. My mother tried to calm me down, but I wasn’t having it.

So finally after driving for half an hour I came to a T intersection and had no idea which way to turn. By now I am back in an actual town and not out in the forestry area of where ever I was. I pulled over and asked this guy and girl sitting at a table, “Do you live here?” The guy said, “Yes, this is my place (he was in front of a hotel, restaurant, I am not sure). I continued, “I am desperately lost. I am trying to pick my daughter up from Camp in Bassetts… and I am late picking her up.” Then I started to cry. That was how deflated and upset I was. The guy was so nice. He said, “You aren’t desperately lost — you just turn left here at the T and take it straight to Bassetts” I said thank you and drove my ass off down the road.

I then passed the road where I figured out my wrong turn… I made a left when I was suppose to make a right. And was horrified when I saw the sign that said Bassetts was 13 miles. 13 MILES!!!! I missed the turn only 13 miles from where I had to be!!!!!!! A mistake that cost me an hour of my time. I prayed that my daughter wasn’t mad or upset that I was late. I drove as fast as I could legally get away with on the windy road that seemed to TAKE FOREVER TO GET THERE!

Once I arrived I profusely apologized which didn’t seem that big of a deal to the camp counselors even though it was 11:30am — and a half an hour late. My daughter WAS the last child to be picked up. When I walked over to where she was, she ran up to me, jumped in my arms and said, “I am having so much fun, can I stay longer?!”

At that moment my anxiety turned to calm. No one really cared — that is other than me — that I was late.. no one, not even my daughter.

Girl Scout Camp

Once we were packed and ready to head out, I took my time driving home… this time not speeding and not getting lost.

Since my daughter was hungery, the three of us stopped for lunch in the podunk town of Portola. Portola has from what I could see on the main drag a hand full of restaurants to choose from. We stopped at this one restaurant and it was empty inside; no one in sight. As we started to turn around to leave a gal came out from the back so we stayed and ordered.

It was nice to sit and relax for 30 minutes or however long we were there. I was tired from the high and lows from my experience and when we were done eating we headed straight home. It took a good 2 hours to get home, but I was happy again. Not lost. My daughter said she had missed me and loves me. So all is good with my world again!

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