MyFEDBenefits helping you have fun

So I am in Washington DC at a Conference for the next several days. While I was downstairs in the conference center I met Brandon Nicol and a couple of his co-workers from MyFEDBenefits. They were reeling in people with their dice game for some lucky person to win a $25 visa card and while they were making it a lot of fun… I was sadly losing. I convinced them to let me to have one last throw of the die for the hopes to get a roll higher than 28. But of course the odds were stacked against me, and I lost once more.

But I want to send out a shout to say how wonderful and funny these gentlemen were. And if you need help with benefits these are your guys.

So what is it that they really do? Here is a blurb off their website:

At My Fed Benefits it is our primary goal to help Federal Employees throughout their careers to take advantage of the great aspects of their unique benefits package, help them to identify and avoid wasting money on benefits they don’t need, and assist them in getting to retirement with the standard and lifestyle they have earned and deserve.

With the ever-changing environment in the government employee sector today, it is confusing, complicated, and frustrating job for an employee to squeeze the most from the benefits they are offered.  With the maze of websites, forms, forums, hotlines, etc, and the trend to reduce or eliminate human resources as a viable place to get assistance, obtaining reliable information in a user-friendly format is a thing of the past.  That is where we come in.

Brandon Nicol is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant — if you need information please give him a call or email.

PO BOX 1509
Jacksonville OR 97530
Cell: (541) 610-7843

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