is celebrating 15 years!

Into the Blind Geocache

I can say over the last 15 years I have had a blast Geocaching with my husband, but have had more fun over the last several years Geocaching with my kids!

My husband and I are polar opposites with practically everything and butt heads because if it. But one thing that we love to do together is Geocaching. When Geocaching first came out 15 years ago we jumped on the bandwagon and tried it out. I will say we were instantly hooked. The only problem was my husband nor I officially became a member. We geocached, but never logged our finds. So to this day I have no true idea of how many caches we have actually found.

We found many caches in our area over a 5 year period and then took about 5 or so years off due to having our kids and literally forgot about geocaching. I have no idea who suggested trying Geocaching with the kids, but my husband and I were definitely ready to get back in the groove again. And to our surprise our children thoroughly loved it and ask to Geocache all the time.

Geocaching is a great exercise too. You are either hiking or climbing to get to your cache — so it is all around a good past-time for the family.

So you ask what is Geocaching. Well Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices – we orginally used a GPS unit, but now only use our cell-phones with apps. People navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache which is some kind of container hidden at that location.

Anyhow, last weekend we went Geocaching for “Into the Blind” and literally had to climb a rock formation that made me worry if a kid slipped it would be the last I’d see them. However, they were like monkeys and proved me wrong.

Into the Blind Geocache

Into the Blind Geocache

Into the Blind Geocache

Nevertheless, it was a tremendous workout and a lot of fun (after the worry faded).

And you know what? May 2nd marks the 15th anniversary for!! This weekend be it by yourself, with friends or even with your family JUST get out there and FIND what treasures are hidden in your area!


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