Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

I love making the kids Valentine’s Cards. Thinking about it, I don’t recall ever actually buying pre-made valentine cards over the years for my kids.

Even though my daughter is in 2nd grade, all my kids were in day care at one time or another before they were ever in school. And well they would exchange cards at their day care center just like kids do at schools. So we have been making our cards for years!

Nevertheless, for the last three valentine’s I have been taking pictures of the kids so I can make 3-D Valentine’s Day Cards. My youngest had to wait until this year to finally get his… and I have to say all three really came out cute!

AdenValentine2015 ArikValentine2015

-X-Acto Knife
-Printer (or take it to a one-hour photo processing store – I love Costco’s Online Photo)

First take a photo of your child with their arm stretched out and their hand is clenched in a fist.

Once you take a photo you like, upload it to your computer. I designed my cards in Adobe Photoshop. First I crop the photo to 6″x4″ so I can upload the photo to Costco Photo Center and because I like that size for a 3-D valentine card. Next I decided to add a Valentine message to the card and placed some clipart hearts to jazz it up a bit.

Photoshop Screen Shot

Then type any message you want…choosing the size, color and font that looks best.  Once you are done, go to “File” then “Save as”, and name your photo.  You can now print the photo off your printer or upload it to a printing center.

Arilk Alex Aden

Once you have your pictures printed, take an X-Acto knife and carefully cut a line across the top and bottom of your child’s fist.

Insert lollipop carefully into the photo….and WooHoo! You have a 3-D Valentine card.


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