So much that has gone on since Friday

I have been planning a birthday party for my two sons. Their birthdays are 5 days apart so every year since the youngest has been one, the boys have been having a combo-birthday together. This year they were celebrating 6 years old and 4 years old  birthdays together. I know eventually they will want separate birthdays but for now I like combining the two together.

Unfortunately, we had a storm hit us on Friday – the night before the party. This storm was worse than the one that hit us in December. Weird thing is — our area has never experienced such destruction like this ever from windstorms or rain prior to the December Windstorm.

This time — our Trampoline that takes several adults to lift to move was flung by the 90 mph winds like it was a feather. Our neighbors tree was uprooted and toppled over nearly missing our fence. Our tent trailer’s roof popped open and my father and I were out in the gust for nearly 30 minutes trying to get the roof down and latched. And then another 15+ minutes trying to gather up the chickens and put them in the coop and praying the coop wouldn’t blow over. Then while I was gathering the chickens my father yells, “The Shed!!” I turn around and our shed that the ATV was in blew over and teetered upside down and almost over the fence into our other neighbors yard. And of course, now I have been suffering with massive sinus congestion and a stuffed up nose since being in the wind. And I was just starting to feel better after being sick for 6 weeks with bronchitis.

IMG_0210 IMG_0212

And then there is my house – 1/2 my shingles on my roof are missing. The electricity had been out for 12+ hours. My stress was peaking cause did I mention I was trying to get everything done for my boys birthday party??

I ended up getting in my vehicle and driving in this godforsaken weather to the community center and renting a meeting room since my home looked like a tornado came through from the windstorm and basically just to keep me from crying…

And on top of everything it has been raining for about 3 days now… and everything is starting to flood around us. LOL, natural disaster at its finest.

Anyhow, the electricity ended up coming on early enough on Saturday for me to bake 2 gluten free cakes and make some Lego Candies from molds before the boy’s party started at 11:30am. What a sigh of relief!! And I think their cakes came out looking great!

IMG_0311 IMG_0313

I had also purchased a Costco cake for the rest of the guests and decorated the cake to our Lego Star Wars Theme as well.

Costco Cake spruced up

I designed my kids a Lego Star Wars birthday banner in Adobe InDesign. Printed it out on stock paper before our electricity went out. The middle of the banner were the boys names to make it more personalized! Then I made Lightsabers from pool noodles that my parents graciously purchased for me in the Bay Area since our town is very seasonal and well — there weren’t any to be found here…. Nevertheless, I made the lightsabers by the light flicker of an oil lamp while the electricity was out in preparation for the party.

IMG_0293  Banner  Pool Noodle Lighsabers | Small Town Living in Nevada  Pool Noodle Lightsaber

I took pool noodles and cut them in half, then wrapped silver duct tape around the bottom to create a handle. The kids thought this was the best toy ever at the party!!

Nevertheless, the party went over well, thank goodness, but unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to do anything towards clean up on our property because of the rain. That will have to be put off until things calm down and dry out.

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