My iPad screen is shattered….

OMG — my youngest son dropped my iPad face down onto the tile while we all were at the Dentist office this morning and Shattered the screen!!! I even cut my finger on the glass when I touched it!!! I am devastated I use it for everything including for selling my daughter’s girl Scout cookies on their cookie app. And I don’t have the extra cash to fix it. But will have to suck it up and get it fixed nevertheless, AGH!!!

Shattered iPad Screen

2 thoughts on “My iPad screen is shattered….

  1. Yes, with 3 kids of that age range, growing up is a mix of mishaps, laughter, fun, worries, funny moments and of course angry episodes….that is motherhood and parenthood. I have been a grandfather for 12 years now and have the same situations….including lock out of the phone due to child’s play on the phone keypad….paid $30 to get it undone.


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