Yeah, we went camping, again!

Camping in the Wilderness

Camping in the Wilderness

So my family and I went camping.. yes I thought the last trip was our last trip for the season, but I guess it wasn’t. The weather has been nice in town and well… we couldn’t resist going camping one more time.

We left Friday after my husband got off work and headed for the wilderness. We travelled these old dusty, windy trails up high in the mountains IN THE DARK. Finally we came upon this one perfect spot and put the tent trailer up all the while in the dark and cold. Did I mention IT WAS FREEZING! We don’t have a working heater or any electricity in our OLD tent trailer via a generator or the such… it is just a glorified tent basically.


Roasting marshmallows on an open flame.

So we get everything up and while I made hamburgers on our propane stove my husband built a nice campfire so we could warm up and also toast marshmallows.

I mentioned to my husband that the tire on the trailer looked like it was wobbling while we were driving up the mountain trails. It really didn’t look good, to me at least. But we waited until the morning to investigate.

Well, the next morning, we woke up and it is so cold in the trailer that you can see your breath as you breathe in and out of your NOSE! Now I am trying to stay under the covers as long as I can before I have to get up and make breakfast of home fries and scrambled eggs — you know — my go to camping breakfast.

After breakfast we went on a mini hike with the kids and dogs before my husband inspects the tire.  There is nothing better

Morning hike.

Morning hike.

than a morning hike to get the blood circulating and your food to start digesting. And the exercise for everyone – kids, dogs, husband and I alike is amazingly easy to do when you are having fun.

OK — the tire rim LOOKS REALLY BAD! The rim where the bolts are located is literally deteriorated and rusted through the metal. There is only one bolt holding the rim on. AGH. My husband takes the spare off the back of the trailer and puts that on then we notice the spare looks FLAT! My husband moves the trailer to really decide if the tire is indeed flat and the tire falls off the rim!!!! REALLY??

Good thing we had two vehicles. We took my vehicle into town which was an hour away and bought a new tire. Then ended up stopping at home and getting more food, clothes and a couple more blankets for us and the dogs because even the dogs slept the whole night covered up because of the cold. And also because we had only planned on camping for one night and not two.

Nevertheless, we had a great time regardless of the tire issues. And I don’t think it phased the kids one bit.

IMG_8902 IMG_8900 IMG_8851

Dogs needed covering up while camping

Dogs needed covering up while camping


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