Flavored Simple Syrup for snow cones

So my daughter’s birthday party is coming up and we’ll be making snow cones, lots of snow cones for her Frozen themed party. Today I made some simple syrups flavored with Kool Aid for our snow cone flavors. My husband originally bought the packets for me….. and forgot a blue packet… so now I must now remember to go out tomorrow and pick up a blue Kool-Aid packet! So I have one simple syrup bottle just waiting to be flavored!

Simple Syrup Flavored with Kool Aid packets

Simple Syrup Flavored with Kool Aid packets

Flavored Simple Syrup


4 cups water
4 cups granulated sugar
6 packets of Kool Aid
6 squeeze bottles


In a medium saucepan combine sugar and water. Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar has dissolved.

Fill six (6) containers with one flavored Kool Aid packet

Add 1 cup of simple syrup and mix thoroughly.

Let cool before you place lid on bottle.

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