To give your gluten free baking the extra protein and bounce it needs….

I was having a great conversation with a friend of mine this morning about adding protein powder to gluten free baking to give her bread more fluff, bounce, etc. This comes from my findings awhile back when my husband wanted me to listen to a Science Friday segment on Baking Bread by a American Test Kitchen Chef.

Of the whole segment about 3 minutes were dedicated to Gluten Free Baking. And what I learned was amazing. It stated that wheat flour is spongy because of the “protein content” and that Gluten Free Flours lack that amount of protein.

As an example:

Protein Content: Wheat flour contains slightly more protein than rice flour, with 16 grams per cup, compared to 9 grams per cup in rice flour. Wheat flour contains a protein called gluten and rice flour does not contain that gluten at all. (info researched from

To help add extra protein to your Gluten Free Flours it was recommended to to build your flour protein up by adding gluten free unflavored protein powder, eggs or even milk powders including buttermilk powder.

So the next time you make bread — just add a little extra protein and see the difference!

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