Hallelujah… it blew on through… I can breathe!

I am so glad I can have my windows open finally. The house was soooooo stuffy and the kids didn’t want to go outside cause they didn’t want to smell the smoke. I think everyone was antsy and on edge because of the lack of being outside today.

The kids said they never went outside while at school. Which is great for health reasons and which is bad due to pent up energy.

I was looking at the Air Quality site and was happy to see we are back in the “Good” category as of 3pm today, bounced back around 4pm — but has been good since 5pm on. But my eyes are itchy and I have been sneezing all day. And my throat feels raw most likely from all the sneezing. Hopefully by tomorrow with the fresh air I will be feeling better. Fingers crossed. Thank goodness it is Friday and I can try to sleep in tomorrow.



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